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Energy Medicine

I am an analytical person at heart. I have a degree in accounting. I also recognize that our health care system is broke and there are many forms of care that work but are suppressed by the medical profession. I also realized early on in my chiropractic profession that adjusting the spine did not cure all ailments. In fact, the idea of seeing someone over and over again to administer the same chiropractic adjustment seemed unrealistic for an average person to have to endure. I know I would not want to see a doctor 3 times a week for the first month, 2 times a week the next month and so on until they are placed on a maintenance care plan that they would need to see me for the rest of their lives.

Being an athlete, I gravitated to utilizing exercise to hold the corrections I made by adjusting patients. My outcomes improved. I needed to see patients less often and they felt better faster. Then I realized that incorporating diet and nutrition with my patient care should also improve outcomes. The problem was not having a good system to uncover the nutritional needs and methods to determine which supplements would give the best or better outcomes.

While in chiropractic school I was exposed to Applied Kinesiology (see My Chiropractic Story). This technique incorporated nutritional energy testing via muscle testing. (See My Nutrition Story) I had read about energy medicine and the Dr. Rife's of the world but these individuals were discounted by the medical profession. Then I read Dr. Robert Becker's book "Body Electric". He created what was called the "black Box, a machine that would administer minute electrical frequencies at the end of non-fusion fractures and the bone would fuse. Not only that, in some cases there was associated infections and they too were healed! The medical profession accepted the bone fusion care but discounted the infection cure. Here is a short section of his writings. The full book can be read at the website or bought from Amazon.

"My research began with experiments on regeneration, the ability of some animals, notably the salamander, to grow perfect replacements or parts of the body that have been destroyed. These studies, described in Part 1, led to the discovery of a hitherto unknown aspect of animal life—the existence of electrical currents in parts of the nervous system. This breakthrough in turn led to a better understanding of bone fracture healing, new possibilities for cancer research, and the hope of human regeneration—even of the heart and spinal cord—in the not too distant future, advances that are discussed in Parts 2 and 3. Finally, a knowledge of life's electrical dimension has yielded fundamental insights (considered in Part 4) into pain, healing, growth, consciousness, the nature of life itself, and the dangers of our electromagnetic technology. I believe these discoveries presage a revolution in biology and medi-cine. One day they may enable the physician to control and stimulate healing at will. I believe this new knowledge will also turn medicine in the direction of greater humility, for we should see that whatever we achieve pales before the self-healing power latent in all organisms. The results set forth in the following pages have convinced me that our understanding of life will always be imperfect. I hope this realization will make medicine no less a science, yet more of an art again. Only then can it deliver its promised freedom from disease."

This opened my eyes to the energy aspect of the human body. It made the muscle testing reflex's more acceptable. Dr. Becker's credentials can not be challenged but his words have been stifled by a medical monopoly of drugs and surgeries.

There are many forms of energy medicine. Google it. Just know that it is a growing science, art and philosophy. It has a place in health care for those brave enough to learn about it and patients that are curious enough or desperate enough to try it. Mostly I see patients that don't want to take medicines. They see the logic behind taking supplements and/or improving their diets to have a positive effect on their health in prevention and restoration of health.

Energy medicine has already crept into the helath care system. Cold laser therapy along with LED therapy. MRI is a form of diagnostic energy medicine. For a while magnets were a craze. Unfortunately, they were used improperly and faded from use. Copper knee and ankle braces are a new fad that will disappear too. Too much use of energy products have diminishing returns. This is a given for cold laser therapy. Keeping the laser on for more than a certain time will make the tissue return to the state it was prior to the treatment. We are still learning a lot about energy medicine.

The form I use is explained in My Nutrition Story. Just don't expect your medical doctor or even chiropractors on a whole to know about this form of care. It takes a lot of reading and then structuring procedures and policies within offices that are geared for practicing chiropractic in my case and there are some Medical doctors that have seen this method of care and realize it has great potential and gives us greater insight to the human body.