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Pandemic TeleHealth

We are excited to offer Telehealth services. Many of you have asked if we would provide such a service. Although we have implemented safe CDC recommended procedures in our office, we understand the desire for restricting social contact at this time. I also believe this will be a good means of conducting preliminary screening to determine if you are a chiropractic or nutrition patient, advice can be given to see if you can manage your condition at home or if office visits would be more beneficial. There is no doubt that examinations are most productive in diagnosing and treating conditions, a telehealth visit can be very helpful for your musculoskeletal condition and nutritional needs. Presently, only Dr. Robert Monokian is offering this service from our office.

If you sign up for this visit, the first 5 patients that sign up will have a free consultation. It will be a 15 - 20 minute appointment. You can fill out forms about your condition, past history and family history before our meeting and I will review them for our discussion. You are under no obligation to continue with my advice and no hard sales tactics will be used.

To make an appointment call our office 340-719-444. We will send you the appropriate forms to fill out and get back to our office ASAP. The doctor will review the forms before your visit. Once we meet, Dr. M will clear up any questions that arise in the review of your paper work, further discussion about your condition and will give recommendations.

When the appointment time is coming up you can sign in at You can sign up from your smart phone or computer, if it has a camera and speaker function. You will type in your name and I will see your name in the "waiting room". Once the appointment time arrives, I will connect us.