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Pandemic Supplement Purchasing

Call your order in at (340) 719-4444 for a quick and efficient check out. You can also email your order to our HIPAA compliant email: [email protected]
Please note that the office does NOT consistantly check the email. To gaurantee your order has been placed, call the office.

1. Give the name and the amount of supplements you wish to order. Specify small or large. (if not sure, go to and enter product name in "search" (upper right side) to check for sizes.)

2. We will let you know what we have and do not have. (Standard Process is doing its best to keep up with orders but you can imagine the demand.) If we have alternatives to the ones we do not have we will recommend them. We will send this back with the cost, for your approval.

3. You can pay over the phone via credit card (preferable) or bring a check with you.

4. Call our office for the hours we are open (340) 719-4444

5. When you are ready to pick your order up, come to the parking lot. Call us and we will bring the supplements out to you. Please review the supplements provided. We do NOT accept returns on supplements. It is the patient's responsibility to confirm their suppelement order. By signing the "charge slip," you are confirming that your order is correct and completed.

6. If you paid by credit card, you are good to go. If by check, please have the check written out before pick up.