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Nutritional Source of Whole Natural Foods

VITAMIN A (Carotene, Fat soluble)

Alfalfa, Fish-liver oils, Butter, Carrots, Egg Yolk, Dark green vegetables, Beef liver, Yellow & orange vegetables, Dandelion greens

VITAMIN B COMPLES (Water Soluble for all B Vitamins)

Brewer’s yeast, Desiccated liver, Liver, Wheat germ

VITAMIN B1 (Thiamine)

Green peas, Oranges, lean ham, Muscle meats, Nuts, Lean pork, Whole-grain products, soy beans

VITAMIN B2 (Riboflavin)

Dried peas and beans, Eggs, Fish, Liver, Milk, cottage cheese & whey, Brewer’s yeast, Muscle meats & tongue, Mustard greens, Oysters, Soybeans, Whole grain products

VITAMIN B6 (Pyridoxine)

Molasses, Eggs, Ferment of yeast, Fresh fruits & vegetables, Seeds & nuts, Soybean products & (

VITAMIN B12 (Cyanocobalamin)

Cheese, Egg yolk, Kelp, Liver, Whole milk, Yeast

VITAMIN B15 (Pangamic Acid)

Brown rice, Liver, Pumpkin seeds, Sesame seeds, Sunflower seeds, Rice bran

BIOTIN (B vitamins)

Cauliflower, Eggs, Organ & muscle meats, Sardinies & salmon, Soybeans, Unpolished rice, Whole-grain products

VITAMIN C (Ascorbic Acid)

Rose hips, Citrus fruits, Green leafy vegetables, Green peppers, Parsley, Tomatoes, Raw potato


Bone meal, Cheese, Fish, Green leafy vegetables, Milk, Yogurt

CHLORINE (Mineral)

Seaweed, Leafy green vegetables, Clams, Olives, Oysters, Sardines

CHOLINE (B Vitamin)

Beans & rice, Cabbage, Eggs, Liver, Muscle meats, Soybean products and nuts, Spinach, Yeast

COPPER (Trace Mineral)

Dried peas & beans, Egg yolks, Liver, Prunes, Shrimp, Whole-grain products

VITAMIN D (Fat Soluble)

Fish liver oil, Butter, Eggs, Liver, Milk, Saltwater fish

VITAMIN E (Fat Soluble)

Wheat germ, Wheat germ oil, Leafy green vegetables, Sweet potato, Sunflower seeds, Nuts & legumes, Vegetable oils, Whole-grain products

VITAMIN F (Unsaturated Fatty Acids)

Fish liver oil, Golden vegetable oils (soy, corn, safflower), Avocados, Nuts, Sunflower seeds

FLUORINE (Trace Mineral)

Bone meal, Rose hips, Seaweed, Mineral water, ocean fish, Sea salt

INOSITOL (B Vitamins)

Blackstrap molasses, Beef heart, Cantaloupe, Grapefruit, Dried peas & beans, Fruits & raisins, Peanuts, Yeast


Seaweed, Dried beans, Wheat, Mushrooms, Sea foods, Spinach


Blackstrap molasses, Brewer’s yeast, Liver, Wheat germ, Soy beans, Dried fruits, Muscle & organ meat, Oysters

VITAMIN K (Menadione K, Fat soluble)

Fish liver oil, Molasses, Alfalfa, Spinach, Cabbage, Green leafy vegetables, Liver and Eggs, Soybeans

LECITHIN (Fatty substance)

Cold pressed oils, Egg yolk, Green leafy vegetables, Liver & eggs, Soybeans


Wheat germ & kelp, Nuts & Figs, Pumpkin & Sunflower seeds, Soybean products, Whole-grain products


Beets, Dried peas & beans, Egg yolk, Green leafy vegetables, Sunflower seeds, Whole-grain products

NIACIN (B Vitamin)

Beef heart, Fish, Liver, Muscle meats, Mushrooms, Peanuts, Poultry, Yeast

VITAMIN P (Water Soluble, Bioflavonoids)

Rose hips, Grapes, Foods high in Vitamin C, Prunes, White segment of citrus

PABA (Para-Aminobenzoic Acid, B Vitamin)

Eggs, Liver, Milk, Molasses, Rice bran, Rye, Wheat germ, Yeast


Beans (dry), Cheese, Eggs, Liver, Mushrooms, Peanuts, Soybeans, Yeast


Bone meal, Dried peas & beans, Eggs, Meat & fish, Nuts & Sunflower seeds, Whole-grains


Molasses, Citrus fruits & figs, Fish & meat, Watercress, Whole-grain products


Brewer’s yeast, Wheat germ, Dried peas and beans, Milk, cheese and eggs, Meats & fish, Nuts & seeds, Soybeans


White onion, Oats, Grasses, Radishes, Calmyrna figs, Grains

SODIUM (Mineral)

Kelp, Beets & carrots, Green leafy vegetables, Sea foods, Sea salt


Nuts & seeds, Soybeans, Sea foods, Eggs, Beans, Cabbage


Kelp & sea salt, Brewer’s yeast, Bone meal, Leafy green vegetables, Salt-water fish

ZINC (Trace Mineral) Wheat germ, Fish, Liver, Milk &eggs, Poultry, Sunflower seeds & nut

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