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Symptom Survey

I have been utilizing the symptom survey for many years and have found it to be extremely helpful. Patients are rarely asked about these symptoms and don't think to mention them when visiting their doctor. The symptoms themselves may seem to be more of a nuisance than anything you or your doctor may be concerned about; however, they may be indications of some form of malfunction. Since malfunction always precedes disease and degeneration, identifying altered functions (symptoms and abnormal exam findings) and attempting to deal with them before they develop into something more serious is the goal of this program.

The computerized SYMPTOM SURVEY SUMMARY report that follows is based on a 200 questionnaire. It is a product of a separate company. We have communicated to the company that the wording, in "my opinion", is too definitive since it can be misinterpreted that there is pathology of the organs or systems mentioned. That is NOT the case. We are not diagnosing disease entities with this protocol. However, the symptoms and exam findings are telling us that certain organs may be under stress and the recommended food choices and nutrients can help stimulate, promote, regulate, maintain or support the system in question.

Symptom Survey Click on this link to print out forms and complete them at your convenience before you come to our office for your first Wellness appointment.

Food Diary

Keep the following in mind when analyzing your diet and the affect your body has from the consumption of various foods. The information is taken from the Book Metabolic Typing Diet, the chapter headed One Man's Food is Another's Poison

“Dietary solutions need to be tailored to individuals because what works for one person may have no effect on another person, and may make a third person worse."

Fill out this FOOD DIARY and write down what you eat and how you feel. Continue to fine tune the foods that make you feel good, those that don't seem to do much and especially those that do not make you feel worse.

Remember this too, if you are burping, have heart burn, feel bloated after eating, passing gas or other digestive symptoms, you may not even be digesting good foods. This would not give you an accurate feedback on foods good or bad for you. Talk to your doctor or read more about improving your digestive system naturally or medically.