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Wellness Exam

The purpose of the Wellness exam is to make you think, as you educate yourself about the bodily system(s). The wellness report tells you which part(s) of your body are responsible for controlling the types of symptoms you are experiencing. The supplements recommended are designed to give support to the areas of your body that coordinate these functions. If you get relief from the symptoms and test findings improve by changing your diet, taking vitamins, minerals and nutrients, we must assume that the dietary change and/or adding nutritional supplements are "feeding" your cells, tissues, organs or glands the required nutrients that were missing or deficient in your diet. The nutrients did not cure your symptoms; the properly functioning cells, tissues, organs or glands did. That is much different than the function of medicine. Medicine relieves or "cures" symptoms by taking over the function without making the body part healthier. When the body reaches a point that it can not function on its own, medicine is required and can be miraculous. Before your body requires medicine we want you to consider making a change in food choices and supplements to enhance your body's ability to function as designed.

I have worked with various nutrition companies for 30+ years. Standard Process, the company that thousands of doctors have found to have the highest quality control standards as well as providing substantial supporting data (you can access them via the internet at is the main source of supplements I recommend. Other supplements may be recommended based on clinical effectiveness. You may, however, choose supplements your doctor, you, your friends or anyone else have had good experience with or you may choose to do nothing to make a change in your symptoms and physical findings. This is your choice.

Robert Monokian, D.C., DACBSP, FICC