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Goals of Our
Wellness Division

  • Decrease the likelihood of injuries

  • Decrease the potential for contracting disease

  • Increase strength and conditioning to allow individuals to pursue a more active lifestyle

  • Reduce mental stress

To teach individuals about the uniqueness of themselves, their strengths and weaknesses and methods of turning their weaknesses into strengths.We believe this is the true meaning of being a physician. Teaching patients about themselves and reducing the need to see physicians.

We focus on the three areas of life that have an effect on every person's present and future state of being, the:

Our Wellness Exam and educational methods are based on outcome measurements. This is a term used in rehabilitation. Measure an individuals strength, flexibility, cardiovascular condition, and more. Re-measure at appropriate intervals and determine the point of maximum medical benefits and release the person from active care. This way the outcome of a particular case can be determined. Usually, this procedure has been confined to individuals with pain.

There is a movement in wellness care to go beyond this concept. Our present Health Care System is a failed concept that is not working in making our population healthier. It is one that the insurance companies have been shaping for too long. They have made the public rely upon it so heavily patients are not capable of making appropriate decisions of their own care.

There is no exact science in any aspect of health care. There is even less in wellness care. There is more money in research for sickness and pain than there is in improved function of a person without disease or pain. Philosophy drives wellness care. Thought has always preceded science. The concepts of wellness are a mix of science and philosophy. It is your responsibility to decide what makes sense for you.

If we all worked on the assumption that what is accepted as true is really true, there would be little hope of advance” -Oval Wright