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Why Us?

We will do everything possible to make you feel you made the right decision to come to our office.

Your first visit consists of a comprehensive examination. Posture, flexibility and muscle tone are evaluated to determine your areas of strength, tightness, weakness and postural problems that could be causing or contributing to the problem areas. Treatment and/or home recommendations will be provided on the first visit to reduce your pain.

The second visit, if the condition is not too painful, is designed to show you how you can help yourself along with treatment. During this extended visit you will be shown specific exercises to improve your problem areas. Our experience along with rehabilitation and sports injury literature tells us that when you comply with these recommendations you will:

  1. Reduce pain faster

  2. Heal faster

  3. Get stronger in the involved area(s)

  4. Reduce the likelihood of re-injuring the area(s)

This visit requires more time and you will be charged accordingly. This is an accepted procedure by most reputable insurance companies.

The treatment program usually involves classic chiropractic adjustments to the spine and treatment to muscles that involves thousands of hours of postgraduate study in ways to strengthen and stretch muscles that are directly or indirectly causing nerve irritation at the spinal level or in soft tissue. This is done by hand or with physical therapy machines, ice or heat packs, cold laser therapy and other modalities.

How often should you be treated? If you were a professional athlete I would recommend 2 ½ or 3 times a day to get the irritated tissues as functional as possible for the rigors of physical activity. In the real world, chiropractors as well as physiatrists, and physical therapists chose 3 times a week as a standard. This is then reduced depending upon the patients' response to care. Basically we will work together on the amount of care you need.

    • 45 minute initial examination

    • Customized exercise prescription to speed recovery

    • Will work to reduce pain on the first visit

    • X-Rays ordered only if absolutely necessary

    • Our office respects your time and runs on time

    • 35+ years of experience

    • Convenient location

    • Most insurance accepted