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Dr. Monokians' philosophy:

"The more I learn, the more I learn I don't know, and

the more I don't know the more I want to learn."-Einstein

I am a chiropractor. I have learned a great deal about anatomy and physiology (the way the body functions). Over the years I have continued to learn. I have seen scientific methods of health care work and not work. I have seen unscientific methods work and not work. I have learned that everyone is unique and their needs can be satisfied with standard protocols and/or lesser known methods, developed by doctors and therapists in the field.

I have learned that the philosophy that I work with, works for me. I believe philosophy precedes science and science takes a long time to catch up with ideas, thoughts and concepts. Our health care science is often outdated and resistive to change. I believe science should be our base and our continued learning. There are doctors in the field that develop techniques based on logic and results. I utilize best practice guide lines and various techniques based on these principles to diagnose and treat various conditions. The success or verification of our individual philosophy is measured by our results and the demand for our services.

The Doctors' Resumes

Robert Monokian, D.C, D.A.C.B.S.P, F.I.C.C

Jake Monokian, D.C.